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E-Mission to Islam

A Ministry of Global Radio Outreach

Dedicated to Reaching the Muslim World for Christ
Through Relevant Technologies.

Annual Benefit Banquet

We are excited to announce that the date for our upcoming banquet is May 4th, 2024. If you live in the Seattle area, please consider joining us for this special event.
Be watching for more details concerning the speaker,  registration and for those that live outside the Seattle area, the online video premier.

Blogging Platform

We have and continue to develop a blogging platform that can be easily translated into any language in the world. With the ability to add articles, the Bible and on-demand content such as videos and audio files as well as tools for visitors to interact with the website host, we offer a robust platform. Each site includes an internet radio station for 24 hour content streaming.

Internet Radio Platform

Have audio programs and music that you want to share with the world to make God’s name known? We can build an Internet Radio Station that can be customized for 24 hour play. We also have pre-recorded content available in various languages to help you fill out your radio station’s playlist. When attached to one of our blogging sites, it becomes a powerful tool to share the gospel.

Video Sharing Platform

Utilizing open source software we have built out a user friendly video sharing platform that embraces the message of the Cross and can be linked to our blogsites. Here we can share the gospel without fear of the message being taken down.
Click the link below to check it out.

Until All Have Heard Studios

The Studio provides us with an amazing opportunity to record original content with our local bloggers such as music, Bible teachings, and eventually audio Bibles  in various languages. There is also the possibility of doing live  shows to be broadcast over internet radio, attached to the bloggers website. We are also seeing how we can use the studio for video recordings to broadcast over Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms.
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