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Our Story

While ministering in Papua New Guinea, God placed a burden for Muslims on Mike Bond's heart. Upon returning to the United States in 1991,  Mike established Global Radio Outreach (GRO), to reach the Muslim world for Christ through radio broadcasts. We began training and equipping Muslim Background Believers (MBBs) to record radio programs in their native language and broadcasted them back into their home countries.
In 2012, God expanded the vision for GRO to not only use new radio, but also the internet to reach into closed Muslim countries. We created blogging software to build websites in any language in order to use the internet as a tool to reach further into the Muslim world. We are training and equipping Christian immigrants from various countries to create blogs with attached internet radio stations in the language of the blog.
We currently have 10 radio stations, 9 blogs actively on the internet as well as 5 more blogs in the works that will be launching in the near future. 

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