Outreach Responses

From Japan:
I found your testimony translated into Japanese for the benefit of missionaries reaching Muslims in Japan. Originally, I was interested in the Lord's Prayer in Arabic because in their culture I thought that they must write and express it in such an artistic way. Perhaps Arabic calligraphy. So I googled "Lord's Prayer in Arabic " by image search. So I reached this website. My search for the Lord’s Prayer in Arabic led me to your testimony in Japanese.  For people like me, who are not good at English, it's a little hard. That is why I am thankful for your testimony in  Japanese.
From Italy:
I am an Egyptian by roots, and a former Muslim who has been a Christian, converted, and have been blessed by your ministry. How do I grow in my new life in Christ? How do I overcome these pains caused by Islam? I appreciate your ministry of healing through God’s Word, the eternal Christ, and thank you for being there for many people in my circumstances.
From Saudi Arabia:
I am a Saudi Arabian woman who had to come to the US in order to be discipled, and that is why I reach out to you. I appreciate your being available to teach, evangelize, counsel and support. In Saudi Arabia, I worked as an executive director in a company, but I had to start out small, which didn’t appeal to my father as he wanted me to start out big. My father was educated and provided well for us but he was always distant. My brother was a devout and strict Muslim but I was an average Saudi Muslim woman. Raised in a harsh atmosphere I soaked in that harshness and never was lenient with people working for me. I was so severe in the slightest of matters, but some of my employees from Lebanon were Christians and they reflected a different spirit, a different attitude. I noticed that those Christians loved their jobs. They were so conscientious and gentle spirited. They met my harshness with gentleness. When I brought up God they kept reminding me that God is love. I tried to understand what it meant that God was love and compared that with my former religion. Allah in Islam is so distant and I called out to him as much as I could but I never felt his closeness. My prayers to Allah were nothing but a form of duty, paying a lip service of worship, and the more I prayed the more empty I felt. Meanwhile, I was hearing and watching Christian sermons on the Internet and downloaded all that on my phone for privacy. I felt more and more drawn to Jesus and I didn’t see Him as just a Lord, but He felt like my Daddy since I always wanted to feel close to my father. I turned my life over to Christ, accepted Him as my Lord and Savior. I don’t want to just “practice” religious rituals, but I really long always to get deeper in knowing God my Father. In Saudi Arabia I had people working for me, but here in the US I am cared for by the generosity of a church and they are applying for my asylum and yet it is not easy for me to be receiving help from people. Please pray for me in this and that I continue to get closer and closer to Christ and be an instrument in helping many other Saudis be found by Him. 
From Pakistan:
A  Pakistani man who wrote us is a Caretaker in a Mosque.  He told us that the entire village wanted to become Christians, but they were afraid.  He asked us for our help and if it was possible for them to get out of Pakistan.  We’ve been supplying them with Bibles and material to help them on their journey to Christ.
From Tunisia:
I have been listening to your program faithfully. Before I heard it, I did not know anything about Christianity. Would you please send me a Bible? I want to compare Islam and Christianity
From Pakistan:
Your radio program is a blessing to so many people. We accepted Jesus as our personal Savior. My job provides me the opportunity to meet many people. I introduce them to Christ and ask them to listen to your program for further guidance
From Egypt:
I am a Muslim, but I believe in the power of Christian prayer. I have been going through a period of huge grief that is intensely beyond me and I wish to be freed of it. I have tried everything and I am still plagued by grief of an unknown cause. I feel alone and left my job and it seems that death is closer to me than life. How can I be saved? I really need freedom. Please help me.
From Egypt:
When I hear the word a convert from Islam, my heart feels so warm and I feel so much enthusiasm, and feel as if he or she is an integral part of who I am. I often prayed and felt my voice is so suffocated. I am still torn between my sentimental love for Islam chanting of the Quran, the Muslim call to prayer in the evening during Ramadan chanted by Mohamed Rifaat and Al-Naqshabandi. I can’t sever myself completely from the Muslim past. That is why I am writing you. Can you help me live in full devotion to Christ and be fully freed from the bondage of past memories?
From Iraq:
I am Ak. from Nineveh, Iraq, and we used to correspond regarding studying Syriac language. ISIS took over our lands, pushed us out of our homes and now we have no home of our own. Our houses got burned down by the seekers of the Islamic State and we don’t think of ever going back after all we have seen. Our homes and property were burnt down by ISIS. Now I am in Erbil with the Kurds, and yet we feel like we have overstayed our welcome with them: they are Kurdish Muslims and we are Chaldean Christians, and people cluster typically with their own kind. When Sunnis and Shias fight, it is we, Christians, who get slaughtered and pray  the price. When Sunnis and Kurds fight, Christians pay the price. And when Shias and Kurds fight, it is we, Christians, who hear the brunt of it and are always the victims of their wars. My hometown now is completely destitute and ruins are all you can see here and there. Please pray for me and if you have any tips for help me please do.
From Egypt:
I was in a state of emotional disarray when I got in touch with you. As a complete stranger to me, I was so afraid to pour out my heart to you. When I told my closest friend that I talked to you she rebuked me as she feared for my safety. Yet after talking to you I am now a completely different person from what I was before. I am a doctor and so is my husband, me a ENT and he a pediatrician. My husband is so caring and sensitive to me; he never fails to check on me no matter how busy he is with patients. I was being trained by a Muslim doctor and thanks to him I have now my own medical health center. As my boss, he was so gentle and never bossy or demanding. In fact, he went overseas and trusted me with his practice to run for him while he doing more work abroad. When he came back he was so impressed and complimented me on how much I mean to him and that I complete him in such a way that no other woman does. I have become emotionally attached to him and don’t know how to backtrack. I keep sending him these romantic messages and he is not as passionately in love with me as I am. Still we exchange messages here and there on whatsapp, and that is where the emotional affair takes place. As a pious Muslim, he never misses a prayer, but alway stops work in the practice as needed, spreads out his prayer rug and faithfully keeps his praying five  times a day. I am confused with such a muddlehead: why should not God accept him in the same way as he does me as a Christian? Why should being a Muslim get in the way? Are you saying he can’t get to heaven because he is a Muslim? I like what you told me that a relationship with God founded on love and no fear is not in the least on equal footing with a relationship with Allah founded on fear and oppression. But why did God put this supervisor doctor in my way and make me so attached to him? I have been so restless, so disturbed, in tears day and night and can’t think straight for a second. Please keep being there for me to counsel, pray and may be God can use you in the lives of Muslims I know. God must hate me for what I have been doing lately behind my husbands back; guilt is killing me. Please help me find some relief.