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People Group Prayer Focus - February

Tunisian Arabs

POPULATION: 10,917,000
LANGUAGE: Arabic, Tunisian Spoken
RELIGIONS: Islam (99%), Christian (.>1%)

In the first few centuries after Christ, Christianity spread throughout North Africa. A strong church was established in present-day Tunisia despite intense persecution from the Romans. Ancient baptisteries and sites of martyrdom can be found among the ruins. However, disunity, factions, and a failure to translate the Bible into the local languages weakened the church. When Arab invaders arrived in the 7th century an empty shell of a church was all that existed. Islam spread rapidly and the Christian roots of the people were forgotten.
What Are Their Lives Like?
Agriculture, phosphate mining, and tourism dominate Tunisia's economy. What was once known as Rome's "bread basket" still produces delicious fruits, vegetables, and grains. Most farmers employ primitive farming methods. At the same time cell phones, Internet, and Facebook are changing the way Tunisians interact with and view the world.

What Are Their Beliefs?
Virtually all Tunisian Arabs are Muslim. While many are nominal Muslims, Islam heavily influences every aspect of Tunisian culture.  They believe in jinn, spirits according to Muslim legend, capable of exercising influence over people. Witchcraft and worship at shrines are practiced and produce bondage and strong spiritual darkness.

What Are Their Needs?
In recent years, Christian media (websites, TV, and radio programs) has generated a great interest in Christianity. Following the recent revolution, unprecedented access to the Gospel has produced a great need for more workers (nationals and foreigners alike) to meet with those who are seeking to know more about Jesus.  
Prayer Points
Ask God to strengthen, encourage, and protect the small number of Tunisian Arab believers.
Pray for completion of Bible translation in this people group's primary language.
Pray for Tunisian Arabs to become aware of their spiritual bankruptcy before God.
Pray for dreams and visions that will open Arab eyes and show them that Jesus is the only way to God.
Pray that God would guide them to websites that will make the Gospel clear to them.
Also pray that God will use the work of Global Radio Outreach to reach this unreached people group.
The map and information in this prayer focus are courtesy of The Joshua Project 
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