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Missionary Needs /Special Projects 

Missionary Needs

All of our national workers that serve with us on blogging websites or on our Internet Radio Stations serve as ‘self-supporting’ missionaries, or as bi-vocational. It can be hard for them to support themselves, so we’ve taken to either giving them a little monthly financial help or we help them periodically with projects that they have. Everyone’s needs are met, and the work gets done.

Support for Gabriel, Bangladesh Website Missionary

Gabriel has polycystic kidney disease. Last year his father died of this disease. He is a young man and married, but largely on his own with a debilitating and deadly disease. He is our voice to the Muslims of Bangladesh. However, his kidney disease keeps him from holding a regular job to support himself. He gets sick periodically and while he’s recovering his job is lost. While we give him his small monthly stipend and one of our supporters gives to make sure that he gets his medicine to stay alive, However, it’s not enough to support him and his wife. We would like to find him his own support team. Just a handful of people who could give a moderate or small gift could support the two of them in their ministry to Muslims in Bangladesh.

Please consider becoming one of Gabriel’s supporters. You could send a check to Global Radio Outreach, PO Box 719, Everett WA 98206. Make it out to GRO and mark it for Gabriel’s Support. Or donate on our website, Click on “Give” and choose ‘Support Gabriel’ fund and complete your gift. You can donate one time or give regularly. Thank you. Become a part of his team and help Gabriel reach the lost of Islam in Bangladesh by supporting him and his wife.

Special Projects

Sometimes the minisrty has special projects that go beyond our normal budget. Here you can browse those projects and find one to support.

Power Generator

Another significant need arose recently when the power went out for the better part of 2 days. That took the websites and radio stations down with it. We lost 2 days of ministry and it tends to discourage our website missionaries. So, our plan is to get a generator for keeping the ministry going during power outages. The one we’ll need will cost $1,264.00 plus tax. If you’d like to give just click the Donate button.
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