Comedy mgith
Website Mission Leaders
Website Mission Leaders (North Africa, West Africa, East Africa, Arab World, Persian World, Turkestan, Western South Asia, Eastern South Asia, Indo-Malaysia): One leader for each region is needed to provide operational vision, guidance and supervision for website personnel including program development and operations.  Implement the site’s outreach operations; both recorded and live.  Determine staffing requirements and coordinate with the Operations Director.  Interview, hire and terminate site personnel as appropriate.  Assign responsibilities and ensure all site personnel are trained for their duties.  Coordinate the translation, adjustments and implementation of general Global Radio Outreach (GRO) programming with appropriate staff personnel to ensure it is appropriate and effective for the site’s target audience.  Lead localized program development and implementation factoring local cultural and social dynamics and information from the Global Ministry Mapping System with the Populated Places Database and other research library resources.  Supervise facility and equipment maintenance and enhancements, and coordinate requirements with the Operations Director.  Notify and coordinate with the IT System Administrator or Website Trainer of website outages and malfunctions if assistance is needed in resolving the issue.
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