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A New Greatest Generation

 There’s been a lot of talk through the years about what America called its greatest generation. The term referred to that generation of people who won the Second World War and built America in so many ways. Some of that greatness may be controversial today, but yet, based on the morality of their day, they did great things.
If we were to apply that thinking to generations of the Church, I wonder what heaven would have to say about which generation might be considered to be the greatest. Consider that first generation, mighty in many ways, suffering great persecution, doing great works, experiencing miracles, taking the Gospel to the then known world. What about the reformers? What about those who experienced and acted on the revivals which re-established the Church and re-ignited the drive to reach the world? What about the most recent generation which gave deeply and has again brought the Gospel to so many places?
Could it be that there’s another generation which may challenge that position as the king of the mountain? What would it take to gain that recognition as the ‘Greatest of all Generations’?
We’ve talked indirectly about restoration, expansion, openness to the moving of God, obedience to the Word, carrying out the Great Commission. Could it be that there’s coming yet another generation which will top the response of all previous ones? One which will pray, respond, obey, evangelize better than all the rest?
I think there had better be. Why? Because the Church is not yet where it’s supposed to be and He said He’s coming back for a victorious Bride. He said we’d reach the world before He returned. Where are we on that scale? Not there yet. The Church remains divided, largely powerless and a significant portion of the world has yet to hear the Gospel. On top of that, the current generation that has done so much is fading and leaving it in the hands of another generation.
Another generation is arising. They can be passionate. They want to change the world. They like justice. Yet, the story is still to be written. In light of the ‘criteria’ already mentioned, how will they size up? How will they finish? How will they be looked upon when we consider which of all generations was the greatest? Well, that story has yet to be written.
It raises another question. Are we trying to fix the world or reach the world? Today many seem to want to fix it. It’s been tried before. It won't work. Please, younger generation, if you’re reading this, consider the clear command that Jesus gave us to preach the Gospel to every living person on the planet. The previous generation, in spite of all of its faults was doing a pretty good job at that. Completion of the Great Commission is now within the reach of your generation. Will you rise to the challenge? If not, the world will continue to fall to ruins while the percentage of those reached will sink to the point where we’ll have to start over again.
Are you willing to take up the challenge that Jesus left us and grab the baton from the last generation? Are you willing to sacrifice yourselves for the thing that’s dearest to the heart of God and His Savior? Are you willing to take the Word of salvation to a dying world? If so, you might yet become known as the Greatest Generation of All Time. OK, I know that’s not what’s important to you, but I know that based on your idealism, sincerity, compassion, obedience and passion you really want to do His will. So get out there and commit yourselves to the greatest endeavor of all times, the Gospel to the World - every man, woman and child. And the rest of us aging ones will be here supporting, praying and cheering you on as you make God’s heart rejoice by reaching His beloved ones with the message Jesus left us 2,000 years ago - the Good News of their salvation. Well done, good and faithful servant.
by Michael Bond on  July 19, 2019

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Mabel Zafra - August 12th, 2019 at 10:47pm

Absolutely true, encouraging, edifying and inspiring message/article. I would love the join in your wagon, sir.





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