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A Perfectly Good Funeral!

Our Savior is something else, really. He raised people from the dead multiple times . . . three times in a big way.  (Mk 5:21-41, Lk, 7:11-17, and John 11:1-57)  Jairus’ daughter, the widow’s son, and his friend Lazarus were all instances where Jesus wrecked a perfectly good funeral.
Wow! What a thing it would be to see Jesus actually raise someone from the dead.  For the believers, the above accounts were evidence that He could and would and does cheat death. We don’t get to see this often.  I’ve never ‘seen’ it.  There are many stories of people being resurrected from the dead.  (I believe some of the better documented ones.)  It’s not that I disbelieve the others, but some are harder to prove. Some folks believe that the day for rising from the dead has passed, but not me.  I still believe in a God who can wreck a perfectly good funeral at His discretion. I believe that’s the key.  It’s at His discretion.
All this is to say that I still believe in a God who works miracles.  I need that. We all need that assurance, if we think about it.  Using myself as an example, I have to trust Him every day.  What He’s called me to do is over my head.  In the military we used to say, ‘It’s above my pay grade’.  I have to trust Him for the extra.  I believe that He wants it that way.  If we’re enough, then where’s the glory for Him?  Where’s the joy for us?  We get to see God’s handiwork in our lives in sometimes miraculous ways.  It’s probably more often than we think. However, society tends to explain these occurrences away as coincidence or luck. The problem is that without God the deck is stacked against us.  I’m not enough.  Luck and coincidence aren’t enough.
Does it always happen that God intervenes in a big way and rescues me? No.  But I’m still here and learning from it all. He doesn’t always do the miraculous thing before our eyes, but we’re all still here. He’s at work. He’s doing His will for us.  It’s a miracle for some of us that we’re still here.
So, if you’re wondering if you should step out into that thing that scares you, consider it. Hear from Him, obviously, but don’t let fear or your assessment of yourself keep you from considering it. After all, He’s still the God of miracles. He still cares deeply about you.  He’s also still the God who wrecks a perfectly good funeral. So, let Him.

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