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A Year Closing and a Call

It's been quite a year and here it's almost over.  We're about to let 2022 pass and see a new year born.  It's really easy to look at the last couple of years and view them as throw away years.  It's like we were just here, marking time, waiting for it to pass and hoping that a better year would come.  I think that we can do better.

    I was at a men's prayer meeting recently.  One of the pastors shared an illustration.  He had a guy come forward and kneel on one knee in a posture of readiness.  He had him look up as if watching. Then he painted the scene of the man in a camp.  There were others also in a posture of readiness.  However, there were also others; some sleeping, some eating, some wasting their time in various activities, or inactivity.  Not all were in readiness.  It was an army camp.  They were waiting for their commander to come and lead them into battle.  The moment came and those watching in readiness sprang into action.  Meanwhile, the others were hustling to find their gear, to reunite with their units, etc.  It was pandemonium.

    It's a bit like the story of the 10 virgins.  However, this is not just about our readiness for Christ's return.  It’s actually about our readiness for His next assignment for us.  Am I poised and ready to spring into action when He calls, head and heart in the game?  Well, that's actually where we are now.  We're in the middle of a campaign to reach the world before His return.  What is our next assignment in that campaign?  Are we ready and poised for action when the call comes?  Well, here's a call.  Is it for you?    

If you think so, please help us to advance our outreach to Muslims by sending a special year-end offering.  Exciting things are afoot and we need your help to see them through!  Just visit  Click the ‘Give’ tab, then choose 'Year End Gift' and make your best gift.  Thank you for co-laboring with us to reach Muslims worldwide!  If you've already given, please just pray that others will respond.  Thanks.  God bless you!
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