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Recently, on a recent technical check of some of the websites one of the techs logged in to our Russian site and found 53 confirmations of people registering a decision for Christ. I was amazed and encouraged. And that was only one of the many websites that we have. Some of those people leave their follow-up information, some, for their safety, do not.
On top of that, a quick check of our analytics showed many more on the other sites. God is indeed saving. Granted, that was the largest number of salvations of any of the sites, but together they were still many. However, what’s really exciting is that we’re just really getting started. We’re regularly adding more sites and Internet radio stations. In addition, we’re finding new website missionaries to take over sites and stations that we already had developed. They’re becoming active, ‘radio-active’ if you will.
Please pray as we continue to move forward with the plan that God has given us. Pray that we’ll find all of the helpers and finances that we need to continue to support the growth. We need more website missionaries to become ‘radio-active’ in all of the target languages needed.  Pray for technical workers to support what they’re doing. And finally, please pray for the financial support needed so that we can grow this ministry to it’s fullest potential for the Lord. Thank you. God bless you.
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