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Leading Muslims to Christ

Beloved friends in Christ,
Have you ever wondered what is the best book to win Muslims for Christ? I’m sure we all need and seek out the best resources in our missionary work. We need something that goes straight to the heart of our listener and, lo and behold, they turn their life over to Christ. But the good news is, the best resource and the best book is you as a person when you are Spirit-filled, heaven-focused, so much so that all your thoughts say Christ, radiate Christ and at that point such redeeming love will cleanse the soul of the Muslim by precious blood of the Lamb. You would be wondering, what is it exactly that I said that got to their hearts? It is not what you said but the beauty of the Lord is shining through you and it is sufficient that you did the most important thing: you have made yourself fully available and allowed them to get a taste of what you have, now that you have tasted that the Lord is good (1Peter 2:3). The power of your own life wrapped up in Christ is your starting point, when you become all prayer (Psalm 109:4). You will be walking in power and communicating in power. Never doubt how much you can be available for the Lord’s glory so as to be mightily used by him. In a childlike faith, have all the confidence in the world in yourself, in the word of Christ dwelling richly in you and doing His missionary work (Colossians 3:16). Nowadays I see more and more Muslims coming to me asking what they need to do in order to live closely with God and if they can actually experience Him as a father. We taste and experience His fatherhood minute by minute, but it is not frankly a dogma to be debated or argued over. He satisfies the the thirsty, when Islam has failed to fill the void, and He Himself, our Heavenly Daddy, has become our bread of life (Psalm 107:9). Thank you so much for partnering with us to realize this on earth, as it is in Heaven (Matthew 6:10). 
In Christ our Mighty King,
Timothy Abraham

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