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One of the frustrations of working in missions is being confronted from multiple directions with the demands of the needs that arise, seemingly all at the same time. It causes us to try to raise funds for multiple needs simultaneously. Of course, right now we have the banquet preparations in full swing. Each year, the banquet is a vital part of our operation. God has blessed us to be able to raise funds at the banquet and through the banquet offering online.  This enables us not just to carry on the work of reaching Muslims, but also to build into our outreach network the expansions that are needed to reach further and deeper into the Muslim world. Thanks for being part of that. Your partnership is vital.
Here comes the frustration. Other urgent, critical needs arise that we’d like to do something about. One of those needs is for our brother Gabriel. He is our website's missionary to Bangladesh. He’s ministering and just surviving because he has polycystic kidney disease. One of our partners helps him with his medicine each month. He’s been back in the hospital recently. His own father died recently of the same illness, leaving behind hospital and funeral expenses. We were able to help him with some of those expenses. The fundraiser was called Baba’s Fund. It’s still on our website because some of that debt is still in his lap. Recently, now that his father is gone, Gabriel’s uncles booted him and his wife out because he’s a Christian. He’s in a difficult place.
Well, Gabriel has all the makings of a good missionary for his people. He could have worked with us bi-vocationally through the little job that he had, but he was let go from that job while he was grieving for his father. So, bivocational is not an option. I want to keep Gabriel as a missionary via his website and expand that with an Internet radio station in order to reach Bangladesh with the gospel. It’s now going to take raising some support for Gabriel and his campaign to reach them through the web and Internet radio.
It grieves me to burden you, our supporters, with so many requests. However, if we’re going to reach the whole Muslim world, and if we’re going to do that by reaching all of the parts, such as Bangladesh, we’re going to need all of the Gabriels out there that we can find. We’re going to need this one, and he needs us. The only way that will happen is if we build Gabriel a support base of his own. The challenge is that it’ll take several hundred dollars per month to keep him, but it needn’t be daunting.
So, I’m looking for a bunch of people to step forward with small monthly gifts of support for Gabriel so that he can carry on his missionary work in Bangladesh. He’ll only be able to do that if he can carry on without having to worry about the needs of his new little family, about his medicine, or about his father’s closing debts. He’ll only be able to carry that on with our help.
I’m asking those of you who are touched by Gabriel’s story to enable him to be the missionary that he’s capable of being. Please step forward and become one of Gabriel’s supporters. You can give by sending checks to Global Radio Outreach, PO Box 719, Everett, WA 98206, marked for Gabriel or Bangladesh. You can also give on the website, Choose the Other Fund, select an amount, "one-time" or "monthly," and on the ‘Confirm Gift’ page, type "Gabriel" in the comments. Your gift will be directed to him and his ministry with us in Bangladesh.
Thanks for letting me ask for yet another thing. Let’s make Baba’s son Gabriel a missionary to his people. Take him into your heart. Thank you.
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