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Abraham is a fairly important person in the Bible – in fact his name is listed over three hundred times in the Old and New Testaments. He’s mentioned as “the father of the Jewish nation”. God even called him His “friend.”
We’re introduced to Abraham in Genesis 11. His father, Terah, packed up his family, all his livestock and left Ur of the Chaldeans and “set out for Canaan”. About six hundred miles into the journey he arrived in Harran and “settled there”. We don’t know why he choose to stop halfway into the journey and settle down.
When Genesis 12 opens, it says Abraham’s father had died and God showed up and told Abraham to “leave his family and get out of town. And by-the-way, I’ll give you directions when you need them.”
Without any recorded arguments from Abraham he did just that, setting out for a place without a clue where that was.
This sounds identical to what we read regarding his father, Terah, except for one thing: Abraham “set out and ARRIVED in Canaan.”
You may say, “big deal. Who cares?” In response to this I have a couple questions: how many reading this set out to do what God called us to do only to settle down and never do it? How many of us have been blessed with extra money and prompted by God to give some of that to ministries doing something for God, but we never did it. It’s easy to “settle”.  God wants us to keep going until we “arrive”.
None of us feels good about going halfway and quitting. There is no satisfaction in starting but never finishing. Stay the course until you ARRIVE.
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