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Turning a Corner

We’ve turned a corner.  At least it’s begun.  It began recently when I started introducing our website missionaries to one another.  It’s the beginning of their chance to collaborate and work together.  It’s an important part of our overall strategy to reach the Muslim world.
Well, for many of the languages of Muslims that we’re ministering to, there’s not enough recorded programming and music to broadcast a 24/7 missionary radio station.  Even when there might be enough, that programming is scattered all over the world and it’s in the hands of the various individuals and agencies that created it.  If we can pull that all together, supplement it with what we’ve recorded, and make it accessible to where it is all in one place for the website missionaries, we’ll have reached our goal.
I’ve mentioned it before, but we have a plan for a special piece of software that we’ll write called Lute.  It will allow for nearly unlimited collaboration and sharing among the missionaries within our library server.  They will be able to log in easily.  That’ll be great when it’s done.  Please pray for Emmanuel who’s writing Lute.
For now, though, we’ve begun to connect some of those website missionaries together . . . those who are working in the same language.  This will allow them the opportunity to collaborate and to share the programming and music that they are creating, as well as what they have acquired.  Then there will start to be enough for some of these languages.
I began this process with those who are working with us in the Kinyarwanda language for Rwanda.  It’s a small beginning, but it points to an exciting future when they’ll one day be able to login and prepare the daily schedule for their radio station.  Everything they need will be right at their fingertips.  For me, that’s getting all the doors open in the right direction!
As to the future, please pray for that future to come sooner rather than later.  We’d like to start writing that software next year.  However, there are a bunch of things to tidy up first.  There are a few projects that need completion.  Please also pray that we’ll find the support necessary to see us through the process of creating Lute and its installation.  There’s great hope ahead.  Please stand with us.  Thank you.
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