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Hameed Steps Up

I’ve recently been talking a bit about Hameed, our Website Missionary to Urdu speakers in Pakistan. In a recent prayer piece I put him up for prayer because of the blasphemy laws in Pakistan.  Two people in Hameed’s circle have already been killed and Hameed would likely be targeted because of the way he wants to be used by the Lord.  Hameed has a wife and children who also need your prayers.  He wants to work teaching and using apologetics and polemics on our outreach website to Pakistan.  Apologetics (the defense of the faith) might be enough to get him accused of denigrating Muhammad, but polemics (a critical analysis of Islam) would definitely do it.
In that last piece, I talked about the possibility of immigrating them to the U.S. to do that work from here. We had a Zoom meeting with an immigration lawyer.  It wasn’t encouraging. The prospects of a door quickly opening for them to come here seemed unlikely. There isn’t enough imminent threat in his case to trigger an opportunity for asylum. All other possible options seemed slow and/or expensive. Furthermore, they won’t grant you asylum for what you’re about to do . . . step up your game against Islam.
So, as we wait on the Lord for that open door for immigration, Hameed has decided to turn up the heat a little. He’s going to start teaching apologetics which is the lesser of the two dangers. He plans to use a Facebook page to advance it. Please pray. Our website missionaries to other countries also need this teaching. Eventually, we’d like to use him on our Website Missionary University which is in the dream stage right now. We want to use that to completely prepare the Website Missionaries in every area where they may be lacking in either knowledge of the use of their site or internet radio station, doctrine, technique or the more advanced subjects of apologetics and polemics.
So, Hameed is stepping up the potential danger. If threats begin to come, they may be good grounds for an asylum application. However, if any accusations come that fall under the criteria relating to Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, it may be too late. Once that trap snaps closed escape is almost impossible. Once accused, even if you’re found innocent or released, the mobs will usually kill the person. If they can’t reach him they’ll often kill the lawyer that defended him.
So, please pray fervently for Hameed as he turns up the heat. We’ve started a fund so that when the door does open for him and his family to join us here, we’ll be able to afford the expenses for their transition and settling here. On the Global Radio Outreach website it will be called simply, ‘Support for Hameed’. If you feel led to give to that, by all means, please do.
In the meantime, please pray for the safety of Hameed and his family while he takes steps to meet this all important need in the area of apologetics. It will affect his listening audience of Muslims in Pakistan. Even greater, though, it will be useful in training others of our website missionaries in the defense of the faith. Thank you for your prayers and we will keep you posted. God bless you. Thank you. 

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