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New Work in Kenya

I had the distinct privilege this week to meet via Zoom with our Kenya team and inaugurate the work there.  We prayed for the team and their new office. I had a previous tour of the new facility and saw where they will keep their offices and the new recording studio that they are establishing. Six workers were in attendance all together. 
We actually began the work together a couple of years ago when we gave an outreach website to Pastor George Atang’A in the Swahili language. The site is  which means Savior of All.  He’s been excited by the results with visits and comments from around the region and the globe. As a result, he built himself a team in order to really go big. Pastor Atang’A and the other 5 men will be seeking equipment for the offices and studio. From this location they will be launching their efforts to create recorded material for the website’s internet radio station.  They will also coordinate follow-up efforts for the responses to our outreach and to perform their discipleship work.
We, at GRO, are so excited to put these worldwide ministry tools into the hands of these dedicated indigenous workers.  This ministry will enable them to reach their region and beyond. Please pray for them. Shown in the photo is Pastor George (on the right) next to an unnamed worker. 
Thank you all for your prayers and support for our growing work.

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