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My name is Hameed and I am from Islamabad, a city in Pakistan. I got my primary education from Islamabad and then I got my higher degree in business management from a university in Islamabad.
There are very few and no educated people in our family but I am grateful to my father who worked hard to teach me. My family belongs to a family that was far away from Jesus Christ. We were only nominal Christians. But my mother has been with Jesus Christ since childhood and when my mother got married to my father we got to know Jesus Christ more because of my mother. I also had a fondness for religion from my childhood and I have done Bible courses through correspondence from many institutions. 
I realized there is a lack of basic knowledge to preach among other nations because when we tell a non-Christian about Jesus Christ, he asks very strange questions which many pastors do not have the answer to. That is why in Pakistan there are many churches and ministries but there is no well-trained preacher who can preach among the non-Christians. When I carefully considered all these circumstances, I intended to preach to non-Christians in Pakistan. But for that I had to work very carefully because in many things I cannot write within the article that Christians inside Pakistan face. The first thing I had to do to preach to non-Christians was to find out what questions they ask Christians. Day and night I searched for their answers and now I needed a platform where we could preach to the Gentiles and prepare young people and train them on how to reach Gentiles. I was praying day and night for the Lord to open a door for me so that I could begin this work. Then God introduced me to Michael Bond. I talked to him. He introduced me and shared his plans with me. I thought that God has brought this person into my life. I shared all my plans with him. So they promised to support me in every way. First of all, we had to make a small room from which we could start this mission work. For this Brother Michael helped me in every way and in a very short time the room was completed and then we needed a laptop for that too Brother Michael helped us and we bought the laptop as soon as the lab came to us, Brother Michael bought a domain for a website for us. I started working on this website and uploaded the answers to all the questions that people of other nations ask us on this website. It has been ten months since this website was created and so far five non-Christians have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior on this website. Which is a great pleasure for us.
In our prayer room we have started a weekly Hebrew language class in which we will teach young people the basics and the biblical language of Hebrew because scholars of many other religions point out many word errors in the Bible. ۔ Our young people will be able to face them after learning Hebrew. Brother Michael is also supporting this project.
Lastly, I am grateful to Brother Michael and his entire team for supporting us in every way possible and for helping us to spread the good news of Jesus Christ among the Gentiles in Pakistan.
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