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In our missionary outreach to Muslims, I’m coming to discover it is not just the doctrines of Christianity such as the trinity, the crucifixion of Jesus, etc. that Muslim take issue with, but it is the very person of Christ in what He radically stands up for that baffles their minds.  It’s not enough to be a seasoned apologist who wins every argument.  You can't put old wine into new wineskins.  

That Muslim mindset, first and foremost, needs replacing by a new mind.  This new mind is ours simply by becoming born again.  When this happens, a completely new system is installed in us by which we see as God sees.  We no longer see according to tribal norms of thinking that have been ingrained in our brains generation after generation.  Honor killing is justified in Islam because a good Muslim should be a man of chivalry.  No mercy or compassion is shown even though Islam prides itself for being a religion of mercy.  When a Christian says “mercy” in a Muslim mind it’s translated as pity.  

Peace in Islam is nothing more than a lip service claim in order to entice non-Muslims to fall into the trap and convert to Islam.  As a Muslim, I greeted everyone walking by me saying, “Peace be upon you” but I sincerely never felt it or knew actually what it was about until I got saved and read the Bible and learned about His shalom.

The peace and wholeness Jesus brought made me fully reconciled to God and to all living beings surrounding me.  The peace of Christ is definitely different from the alleged peace that the world gives.  It has nothing to do with false peace claimed by Islam.  

How can you explain all this to a Muslim and get him or her to believe it?  You just can’t!  You only evangelize them and keep sowing the seed.  As we prayerfully keep at it by doing the work of an evangelist and dedicated missionary, God’s Word cannot return void to Him . . . it powerfully does the salvation work we intend it to do.  Regarding missionary work to Muslims, whom we dearly love, God’s Word gives us this important exhortation in Galatians 6:9, “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”  We want Muslims to experience His shalom and genuinely have these bowels of mercy that the apostle Paul talks about in Colossians.  

This means we have to keep at it, trusting the Lord to greatly work amongst Muslims . . . which He already is, thanks to your intercessory prayers and standing with us as we commit to proclaiming the gospel of salvation to Muslims.  May the Lord bless you abundantly!  Thank you so much for being with us in heart, mind and soul as we do this together.

Timothy Abraham

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