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A Bird's Eye View

Quite a number of times Jesus challenged the disciples for being without understanding. They just didn’t get it sometimes.  There are times when we don’t understand because something is new or it’s so far from our frame of reference.  Our lack of understanding may also be due to the fact that we have pre-conceived notions or pet ideas that keep us from seeing the truth that is right before our eyes.
Sometimes we need to take a bird’s-eye view.
I believe that one of the biggest reasons that we fail to understand what the Bible is saying is that we come to conclusions too quickly based on seeing too little information.  We see a ‘proof text’ in the Bible and that settles it for us.   We don’t take the time to see how that text settles in with or meshes in with the rest of Scripture.  We develop a hard idea about a subject.  Later when we see another passage which could help us to better understand the subject we twist the verse that is newer to us to make it fit in with our original idea.
How many times have I heard someone from one side of the theological spectrum absolutely maul a passage from the other side because it doesn’t fit with their ‘set-in-cement’ perspective. A classic example is what happens to, ‘whosoever will may come’ when we believe strongly in the sovereignty of God. We need all of those verses to teach us that God is sovereign and He’s also given free will to people. Sometimes those concepts collide, but they’re both true.  We’d be better off to accept them both and to also accept the conundrum that occurs at times.  This is preferable to mangling the Scriptures and trying to make them fit using Western logic.  We need to be ongoing learners by allowing the Bible and the Spirit to sharpen our understanding in a life-long learning endeavor. 
You’ll find many similar quandaries in Scripture.  Consider grace and truth, faith and works.  And the list goes on.  I suggest that you strive for a bird’s-eye view of God’s ways before you allow the cement to dry on those proof texts.  Allow Him to invade your studies with the help of the Spirit.  Let Him continually tweak your understanding of His Truth and the way He works.  I believe that it will serve you well . . . not only in relationships with other ‘thinkers’, but more so in your walk with God as you endeavor to know how to walk with Him.  Chances are you will be surprised as to what He might do in your life and ministry as you walk it out.  Keep learning.  Keep walking.  Be humble.  See His hand move.
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