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Never Boring!

Our ministry is never boring and it continues to provide us with lots of opportunities to grow in
the Lord.
Recently I was contacted by a guy, Yasser, who was told that he needed to talk to me because
he needed guidance. As a good missionary, I was all ears and attempted to listen with my
He said, “I heard you say that God loves while I’m a Muslim …” I replied that God loves us as
we are, while we are still sinners, far away from Him, and His love is unconditional. That’s what
makes Christianity stand above all religions in the world. The more Yasser talked the more
convinced I was that he was a Muslim. Then Yasser dropped his bombshell . . . he showed me
the cross tattooed on his wrist (as Coptic Christians do in Egypt). He explained that he had
been surrounded by Muslims who find him to be too good to be a Christian. They kept
inundating his brain with the Quran. Quran in, Quran out!
We are what we eat, and we can’t underestimate the power of religious chanting. Sooner or
later, if we’re not careful, the demonic influences will get us and the devil will set up housing.
Yasser quoted a verse in the Quran that had moved him deeply that said when Allah gives to
you, you will be satisfied. Frankly, I couldn’t hold it in anymore and the zeal for the Lord ate me
up. I explained to him what Islam is, how much deception it is, and nothing in Islam compares
to the truth in Christ that sets us free while Islam is pure bondage and darkness.
When I think about our calling to help Muslims, as well as people like our brother, Yasser, get
saved I’m reminded of the immensity of our calling. I find myself quoting God’s Word in Jude
23, “And others save with fear, pulling [them] out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by
the flesh.” Yes, literally pulling them out of fire, as they are burning in Islam. We have to get up
and do the work of the evangelist.
I’m happy to report that Yasser prayed with me and turned His life over to Christ. From here
discipleship takes effect. We rejoice in our calling, rejoice in the One who called us and rejoice
in your partnership with us in fulfilling the Great Commission.
May the Lord bless you so very much!

Timothy Abraham
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