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Guest Blog by Lou Ondracek

I was at lunch recently with my wife and a few others when my daughter-in-law’s cousin made the following comment, “I noticed many people we have visited in Germany don’t talk much about Jesus.”  My question to him was: “What do you mean by that?”
He said, “Those I’ve spent time with seem to be so busy working and making money that they don’t have any time for Jesus. Even if they work outside the home their work continues at home either on their phone or computer.”  “In Germany,” he said, “nearly everything is closed on Sunday.  That doesn’t mean people go to church, but it gives them opportunity to step away from the demands of their job and spend more time with their family.  It’s like the devil is working overtime to keep them busy and their busyness crowds God out of their lives.”
 After our lunch I contemplated what he said and, sad to say, I had to agree with him.
How many people do you know where this has become the norm of their lives?  They’re too busy with work to make time for Jesus.  They’re too busy raising a family to make time for church and Jesus.  They’re too busy amassing toys to make time for any Christian service and too busy using their high priced toys to make any time for ministry.
 Let me ask you, “Have you possibly allowed the busyness of life to crowd out Jesus to the point where you are bothered by it?”  We often have to take drastic steps to correct this and bring life back into balance.  I don’t know anyone who makes the decision to do this who regretted it.
Extreme busyness often leaves us exhausted and without the energy needed to follow Jesus and keep Him number one in our lives.  Take time out of your busy schedule to make time for Jesus.  The benefits are eternal.  

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Rich Collingridge - May 7th, 2022 at 3:33am

Great to read a message of importance from my old friend!





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