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Recently we attended a memorial service for a remarkable man, a pastor. A few of you reading this will know him. Perhaps you attended that service. Others will not. His accomplishments, associations and charities were many. His character was literally above anyone I’ve ever known. However, as wonderful of a man as he was and in spite of all his accomplishments, I’m writing to make another point.
One of the things that contributed to his character and success was the incredible upbringing which he had. Having a great upbringing can make a difference in the person we become. However, for many of us, we didn’t quite get that kind of nurture and training as kids. Please understand me. This doesn’t mean that becoming a great man was easy for that pastor. Nor does it mean that we who had tougher childhoods get a pass in our struggle to grow, overcome and become people of character. It does mean, however, that we may have had a few more roadblocks placed in our path on the way to those goals. So, perhaps we have to fight a little harder, trust a little more.
The point is that while it’s useful to look up to men and women like that and to follow them as Paul the Apostle told us to follow him on several occasions (1 Cor. 4:16), we shouldn’t compare ourselves with such leaders so as to judge or condemn ourselves (1 Cor. 4:3). How much we can squeeze out of this life for Christ, will be different than what others can accomplish with their lives.
The goal has to be to become the best version of me that I can become, and to accomplish as much as I can for Him without holding myself to another person’s standard. To follow another person is one thing. To, in essence, try to become that person is another thing, and not a good thing.
So, who are you? Where did you come from? What has shaped you? What has He called you to become, to do? It’s all part of who He’s making you and will shape what you become as well as what you do. So, follow him and other godly examples that He’s given you. And enjoy the process of becoming the person He’s calling you to be. Enjoy the victories that He brings into your life. Look and move forward with great vision and hope, knowing that what He has begun in you, He will finish (Phil. 1:6). Enjoy the walk with Him.

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