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God is Good!

God Is Good – All the time
It’s true and we often repeat it, but why am I so excited about His goodness? It is because we now have the Radio Content Librarian that we were hoping to gain this year. Do you remember that, in my column a couple of weeks ago, we were seeking to fill two spots this year? One was the Radio Content Librarian and the other is a Website Trainer. Well, one is filled. A briefing ensued and the work has begun.
So, who is this new addition to the G.R.O. team. He’s none other than our grandson, Jarod Keene, Son of Brian and Becky, our daughter. He’s a recent graduate of the Philadelphia Church School of Ministry. He’s also recently married to his sweetheart, Sadie (nee Feartherston), who grew up at Philadelphia church. God is Good.
I’m so excited to have him join the team, but not only because of the advance that his efforts will bring to the Gospel toward Muslims, but also because we now have 3 generations of the family working with Global Radio Outreach. Who knows what might come of that. In addition, in order to spread the load of training which has fallen on Brian’s shoulders, Jarod will also learn the websites and assist in training until that need is met.
So, God is good, all the time. He’s so good that His heart is broken for this generation of Muslims who don’t know that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, the Son of God, the Savior of the world. Now we’ll be better equipped to change that future.
Please pray for Jarod as he tackles the project and as he engages in preparing Website Missionaries to change the Muslim World. Thank you!
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