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Guest Blog by Timothy Abraham
Beloved friends in Christ,
Can you imagine your life for a few seconds had you been raised as a Muslim and it was ingrained in you that God has assigned two angels for you. One on top of the right shoulder and he is to jot down every good deed that you do and another angel sitting on your left shoulder and his job is to record every bad deed, every evil thought, so that on the day of judgment both works are weighed against on another, and from there you spend your eternity in heaven or in hell? To me, now, such an idea is a real nightmare and there is no way I could trust my God or know what to expect from Him. But this is precisely how each and single Muslim believes, no matter how moderate or liberal they might claim. Aren’t you glad and grateful to know that it’s all His grace, and grace sought me when I was astray and I’m now a product of grace, never working my way up to heaven for I can’t?

According to a chapter in the Quran called Al-A’râf 7: 154 Allah claims that guidance and mercy are granted to those who are terrified of their God. Yes, terror, rahba in Arabic, it does say that! Yet when we come to Christ and receive Him in our hearts as our perfect atonement, we are set free from such fear and terror of God, because perfect love casts out all fear, and fear itself has its own torment (1John 4:18). Far it be from me to take such liberating freedom for granted!

John 8:36 tells us that if the Son, our Lord Jesus, sets us free we shall, indeed, become free, and that means freedom from anything negative, from fear of Allah too. When I heard that verse for the first time at the age 19, a shiver went down my spine and joy flew into every cell of my body as I was making the greatest discovery of my whole life. The main reason that I would believe in Christ is so that I become free within, and it has nothing to do with embracing a new religion. The bottom line is, have I actually become free on the inside, free and clean within, or I happen to have adopted a new set of shiny ideas? Such freedom is the perfect cure for the spirit of lust promoted to males by the teaching of Mohammed, hence female wiles, schemes and turning to black magic to have power over men and counter their oppression. We are privileged to proclaim the Gospel of freedom to Muslims and we can’t stop feeling how urgent this is these days more than ever before. The harvest is ripe and we as His missionaries need to be ready and equipped to help Muslims make the transition from hell to heaven, because “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved”(Acts 4:12). We are sincerely blessed and deeply encouraged by your partnering with us in bringing the message of the gospel to thousands upon thousands of Muslims. No words are enough to say thank you and how much we love you and see you as a real family of our own. May the Lord bless you abundantly!

In Christ,
Timothy Abraham

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