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I recently heard it said that there are more people in the world who have access to a cellular phone than who have access to a flush toilet. I believe that. In many places around the world, where the overall population is greater than here, this is common.
Why do I say, that it works for me? Am I callous to the needs of people who don’t have access to a flush toilet? No. I’ve seen how they live. They get along pretty well without one. So, then, why does it work for me?
Well, it works for me because we desire to reach as many of those people as we can with the Gospel. Our websites and Internet radio stations carry the Gospel. And those sites and stations also reach those cellular phones wherever they are. So, we can literally reach any one of those people with the good news as long as we are presenting it in their language.
Great! However, that also now speaks to our objectives. One of those objectives is to expand our websites and Internet radio stations to include all their individual languages. That’s a tall order! However, with God, all things are possible.
You’ve been a part of us in this endeavor. Thank you. Thanks for your prayers and thanks for your support. Thanks for your encouraging notes and comments on social media. With your help and His we will persevere to see the day when this becomes a reality. Afterall, didn’t He say that the Gospel of the Kingdom would be preached throughout the world as a witness to all nations (people groups), then the end would come? Check Mt. 24:14. He did say that!
So please keep praying, please keep supporting and please keep encouraging. And if you haven’t been, please do. And as you do, we will all one day go home with joy, carrying our sheaves (our harvest) with us, Ps. 126:6. It works for me. Make it work for you, too. Thank you.
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