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I was going to write you one of those, “Rah, Rah, Make a new dedication for the new year” blogs today. Then I went to a men’s prayer meeting and a group of godly men spoke over me about too much striving in my life.  I also received something about progressing with His wind at my back. That’s encouraging. It spoke specifically to something that I’d recently experienced, confirming the word to me. How will this work be accomplished? In His power.
So, I don’t know what I’d tell you today, except that if you’re striving about something that God has already said He’d support, then let Him. Stop striving as if it won’t happen unless you drag it ahead in your own power. Simply walk it out, knowing that He is the motive power behind it. It will come to pass.
Then I got an email, confirming to me why we’re doing this. It arrived from an undisclosed country and read, “Hello, I want to become a Christian, but I can’t because I’ll be killed if I do it, and I’ve been looking for help or guidance, please respond if you’re able to help me.” Thank you very much.”
I now know how we’ll walk into the next season, and I’ve been reminded why. Thank you for your partnership with us in prayer and support. That makes this your victory, too. God Bless you in 2022.

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