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A Miracle?

Life can often happen pretty unexpectedly. That’s for all of us. But my life is full of twists and tests. You know me, I am Gabriel, a Christian convert from Islam who runs the Bengali website for Global Radio Outreach. We are getting so many positive, and sometimes some negative responses on the website, LOL. I have never thought, ‘I will be a part of a huge community like GRO’. 

I caught kidney disease in 2020. I couldn’t visit a doctor due to lockdown and then I found out I had cancer cells in my kidney too. It was already 2022. I couldn’t visit a doctor for 2 years until after lockdown, I really didn’t have a job to support my treatment. Finding cancer cells was the last thing I wanted to hear. I had a lot of faith that I would be alright. Because my father was there for me, he will do something, but my ultimate Father had a different plan. I lost my Baba (my earthly father). In one year, he was dead with the same kidney disease. I was scared. But…

I knew that God had a better plan for me. By then, I really became a focused Worshiper of God. I prayed, and I asked for prayers from Mike and my GRO family. (Did he give my message to you guys? LOL).

I won’t lie, every matrix and all of the data was against me. I still prayed. I kept asking for prayers.

I went to India, visited a doctor and he clearly told me that I won’t be cured but that there were no cancer cells, it had been some calcium blocks in my kidney’s outer skin. I was happy and sad like those confused emojis. Haha! I still kept my faith and kept asking for prayer through Mike. (Again, I am confirming, did he tell you guys? LOL).

One day, I woke up and one of my friends mentioned to me about an article posted by an Herbal medicine doctor. He talked about natural treatment for kidney disease. I was excited and not ready because per dose of medicine is almost 300 Dollars which is not okay for me as I need to run a big family and I am not well to do. I shared this with Mike and he assured me that we can do some crowdfunding. So, he did and I got some help from you to start the natural treatment.

Guess what? I had been rejected by at least 7 high quality doctors and they told me my Creatinine will never come down, but after the natural medicine, it came down to 2.0 from 3.0. And I am feeling so good inside my stomach and my entire body feels much better.

Is it a miracle? Is it a result of your prayers? Did Jesus send me there? I would like to say, I believe so. And I would like to thank Jesus and all of you for your prayers and those supporters of mine who really helped me go through this by paying for my medicine bill. I need a monthly checkup and it costs a lot. But things are going smoothly after Mike helped me with the “Support For Gabriel” campaign.

My utmost gratitude guys. May God, Yeshua Ha Mashiach bless all of you. This blog is to inform you that the Gabriel you all prayed for is recovering and needs your prayers till death. I am praying for all of you too.

See you in the next blog,

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