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Raising Missionaries

Greetings to all of you in Christ.

My name is Hameed and I belong to Pak.  I have been very attached to my religion Christianity since I was 15 and I wanted the word of God to reach other nations inside Pak but due to lack of resources it was not possible for me but I was firm in faith and God  I prayed to God to give me the resources so that I could spread the message of salvation to other nations. Then God answered my prayer and brother M founder of GRO came in my life and he supported me a lot and he made prayer room for me took the laptop and gave me a nice mobile.  Thank God we now have all the things to preach.  We are preaching the word from laptops through various websites and making videos from mobiles and uploading them to our YouTube channel and in the prayer room we have now started a Hebrew language class to train the missionaries.  So that missionaries can understand and preach the Word of God well.  At the same time, our mission is to open a missionary school in Pak in which we can only prepare missionaries to preach among the Gentiles.
Remember me in your prayers, Hameed

Oh sorry i forget to add that recently two non believer accepted Jesus Christ through our website.
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