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Reaching Muslims: A Technique

By Hameed

In Asian countries, Muslims are deeply connected to their religion.  When a child is born, they recite the Azan in the child's ears.  The children begin learning Arabic and reading the Quran from a young age.

During Ramadan, every Muslim reads the entire Quran.  If a Muslim in an Asian country doesn't pray five times a day other Muslims in the community, as well as Muslims in their own homes, often criticize them.  This causes most Muslims to strive to pray five times daily.

The purpose of sharing these details is to highlight how closely tied Muslims in Asia are to their faith.  This makes it somewhat challenging to guide them towards Christianity and encourage them to read the Bible.  

Allow me to share the story of Mr. Abu Talib (name changed for security reasons), whose journey to Christ is remarkable.  Born into a devout Muslim family, Abu Talib's upbringing was deeply rooted in Islamic traditions and beliefs.  However, when he heard about Jesus, he became curious and began asking me more about him.  Initially hesitant to read the Bible, I quoted him verses from the Quran about Jesus to pique his interest.  After understanding Jesus' role from the Quran, he became open to reading the Bible for further insight.  As he delved deeper into researching Jesus in the Quran, it naturally led him to explore the Bible.

I recommended a Global Radio Outreach website in his mother tongue that provided articles addressing common questions Muslims have about Christianity.  Through these articles, he found answers to his inquiries.  Additionally, I shared the inspiring story of Nabeel Qureshi, whose book "Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus" recounts his journey from Islam to Christianity.  Inspired by Nabeel's story, Abu Talib embarked on his own quest for truth.  This quest ultimately led Abu Talib to embrace Jesus as his Savior.

In conclusion, engaging in meaningful dialogue with Muslims and addressing their questions is crucial. By first explaining concepts from the Quran and then encouraging them to explore the Bible, we can guide them on a path towards Jesus.  It's essential to remember that personal stories of transformation, like that of Abu Talib (now living under a pseudonym), can be powerful testimonies to God's work in the lives of Muslims.

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