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Learning From the Experts

The Scriptures have a lot to say about good counsel and getting the counsel of many (Prov. 1:5; 11:14). So it is in our ministry. We’re seeing this advice even more since Emmanuel has joined Global Radio Outreach. He’s been to a number of events since this past fall.  He has been rubbing elbows with ministries who are doing related things.
The opportunity to learn new things is huge. What is also great is the opportunity to generate collaboration. If we learn from one another and work together we can do it faster, better and with less effort.  This also helps us to avoid wasting time on things that have already been accomplished by others.
There is one particular conference that has been seeking our presence for about a decade. It’s called the EMDC, or the Eurasian Media & Distribution Consultation. I can’t say too much because of the sensitive nature of the conference and for the security of the attendees. However, it is held abroad. We want to finally attend. We’re planning to send Emmanuel to interact with the rest of the ministries attending this conference. He’ll do the same things there that we do at other conferences. He will learn all he can and look for people with whom he can network.
There is, of course, some cost involved. We have a bit of time left to raise the money, but it would be nice to have it in hand by the end of March. So, we’d appreciate your help, please.
We’ve already started raising funds locally, but we need to find about $1,500 more to make sure that he has enough for airline tickets, accommodations, food and other expenses. If you can help us, please use the Global Radio Outreach app or go to and choose the ‘EMDC Conference for Emmanuel’ fund.  Just give what you can. It will be a huge help in advancing our mission to bring the Gospel to the whole Muslim World. Thank you. God bless you!

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