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The Lord is moving!

Beloved friends in Christ,

Around this time of the year, I’m faced with a question every Christmas, “How can I thank the Lord for all He is doing amongst Muslims?” The Lord is moving mightily upon Muslim lands these days like no other time before. Muslims are hungry for truth more than any other time before. Call it a revival or a revolution, but the Spirit of the Lord has been moving upon Muslim lands, moving Muslims’ hearts like no other times before in history. From the East and the West they all come to the God who is fully revealed in the manger in the person of our Lord Jesus Christ because the crumbs of Islamic religiosity don’t satisfy them or make they feel close with God. Allah brings nothing but fear and insecurity. I asked Yasmin, a newly converted Muslim I am keeping up with, what was it exactly that has prompted her to give up Islam completely, risk family rejection and turn to Christ the Lord?” Yasmin, mind you, is still in high school, and instead of being busy with the self-centered concerns of young ladies her age, she recognizes that something huge is missing. She told me that she has been studying extensively on her own, nobody every lured her into the message of Christianity. “I simply enjoyed called God Almighty Daddy,” says Yasmin. Wherever the Word was being proclaimed on the Internet, she devoured it. She didn’t care about names of preachers, but the Word is Word, and only the Word of God satisfy her hunger for truth. The praises of God in the forms of hymns also shaped her perception of her Daddy. I was reminded of myself in my journey search and how the affirmations I made to God in the form of Christian hymns meant that my name was now inscribed on the Great Shepherd’s hand, nobody is taking me away from Him, I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved Christ the Lord is mine. Such faith of Yasmin is a walking miracle because I could see the power of God in action, and the power of God is always there in His gospel revealed to Muslims who continue to be ever hungrier and hungrier. In the Muslim societies the name of God is always on their lips, they always swear by God, and fight against each other for the sake of God. But it turns out that their God is made in their own image, not the other way around. Hence deception is on their lips, double talk is everywhere, religious schizophrenia is their common ailment and people there are left more empty than ever before. Only the living God can bring transparency to their world of double talk. Rihab, a searching Muslim, said to me that rain nowadays in Egypt, rare as it is, reminds her of how everybody’s heart in Egypt needs washed. I agreed with her. I told her that this washing is the whole purpose of Christian worship. The Lamb of God has come, died on the cross and washed our hearts so that we become true children of God, products of grace, not products of wayward cultures. Rihab agreed and she always calls me in order to share more of the gospel with her, the gospel that meets Rihab in her personal daily life. It is an honor to serve such gospel amongst Muslims, and it is a huge honor to be in partnership with you so that all this can be possible and Muslims can see the Light. Thank you so much for your support. You yourselves are the actual support that we always need, and out of that Agape unconditional love we are always blessed by your divine love extended to us as well as one billion Muslims. Very merry, joy-filled Christmas to you all. 

In Christ the beloved Savior,

Timothy Abraham
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