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What's it good for?

When you look at a ministry like G.R.O.’s ministry to Muslims, it’s really easy to see its evangelistic potential and think that evangelism is all that there is.  However, this is definitely not the case.  Don’t get me wrong . . . it has great potential in evangelism.  As we engage unreached people, evangelism is the first thing that we have on our minds.  We’ve engaged more than a quarter of a million people already (the number of hits that we’ve had on our sites), however, what happens after they’re reached?  Does our outreach network have the potential to do more?  The answer to that is an emphatic, ‘Yes!’
We can teach them.  The Internet radio station that’s attached to most of the sites carries daily, 24/7 radio programs that include teaching programs, Bible reading, Christian music, dialog and much more.  All of this allows us to pour God’s Word into their lives constantly as they listen to the station.  In addition, each website missionary who manages a site and station is writing regular teaching articles which are published on the site for the benefit of their followers.  Those followers ask questions which are answered on the page along with the article.  Emails are sent to the follower, as well.  Others can be drawn into the conversation.  Anyone who is drawn in can receive an email notification when the host answers it.  Anyone who has commented can receive notices when others comment . . . and the conversation grows.  All the while, teaching is taking place.  Furthermore, the many features of the sites and outreach networks make the opportunities to teach one’s followers numerous.
We can disciple people over the network.  All of the features mentioned above (and those not mentioned) also lend themselves to the opportunity to disciple people.  All of these, coupled with Zoom meetings, calls over networks (like WhatsApp and others), emails, and visits, where possible, make discipleship happen.  It’s all possible using our outreach network.
The network is also a great church planting tool!  Yes, churches can even be planted using our websites and Internet radio stations.  ‘How is this possible?’ you may say.  It’s possible by employing a method used by a veteran missionary broadcast organization called Far East Broadcasting Association (FEBA).  The method involves noting where all of the listeners who have been responding actually reside.  Once you realize that you have several listeners or followers in a specific village or city, that group becomes a potential church plant.  These people may not even know each other.  Often, converts from Islam think that they’re the only converted Muslim in the world, let alone in their own village.  Surprise!  The next step involves simply introducing those converts to one another.  This is often done in a dinner or little banquet.  Once they’re introduced, you carry on with them like any other church plant, except you carry on quietly.
So, what’s it good for anyway?  Obviously, a lot!  Additionally, when you consider that the Internet nature of the ministry makes it worldwide, then you know that the sky’s the limit.  Come fly the skies with us.
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