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Fahad and Baba...

Fahad & Baba
I wanted to use this space to let our friend, Fahad introduce himself to you. You will
recall that we’ve been praying for Fahad’s health and for his father, whom we call Baba.
They both had kidney disease. Fahad still does. Fahad’s dad, the one we called Baba
has just died. Now he will have a funeral to cover as well. Fahad is our website
missionary to Bangladesh.

Fahad shares:
‘Hi friends. I am Fahad Bin Husne Ali from Bangladesh. At this point I believe you know
me since you guys are praying for me and my father. My journey from being an
orthodox practicing Muslim to become a Christian and now even a full-time worker for
God is remarkable. I will write about my story one day. For now, I am working full time
with in Bengali to reach a lot of people in my language and the feedback
is great! My father is in ICU fighting his last battle. He is very young, only 57 and was
strong just 6 months ago, and now, within 6 months he is almost dead. My father has
always supported me in everything and has been my best friend from day one. He
taught me all the good things: how to think right, how to do well etc. We travelled
together, we walked on beach together and when I fell I love, he was the first guy to
know and he helped me to get married to my wife. There is a reason I am sending this
message to all of you. I need lots of prayers, lots of good wishes. Pray for me, so that I
can gain some courage. Trust me, in my worst time, there are many people who turned
their back and stop replying to me. One of my employers even told men that I couldn’t
work with him anymore since my father was sick and that it might cause me to take
more leave in future. I am very devastated and sad because of this attitude from my
friends and relatives but Michael Bond and all of you are with me. And I strongly believe
it is true. I love you all. May God bless you. Please continue your prayers.
Fahad, Global Radio Outreach, Bangladesh’

He wrote this before Baba passed. Please keep Fahad and his family in your prayers,
for his health, financial supply in their time of need and for his ministry. Please pray for
Fahad, for his safety, since his faith in Christ has just gone viral in the Muslim nation of
Bangladesh because of his work with us. If you can help, visit for Baba’s Hospital Bill. Thanks.
Mike Bond
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