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I Loved My Missionary Life

Guest Blog from Richard Collingridge

First of all, I am an M.K. (Missionary Kid for those who might not know).  I spent a lot of time with my parents in the mountains of Mexico.  It was a great time for me as a kid.  I loved crossing rivers in our SUV.  I wondered at the power of God when I saw real miracles take place right in front of my eyes.  I enjoyed the life in another culture, learning to preach at an early age and finding what I wanted to do when I grew up.
Secondly, I loved my life as a young husband and father in a jungle setting in Liberia, West Africa.  We lived up a large river from an African village.  Each week I (or another co-worker) would travel in a speed boat to collect mail or get groceries from the Lebanese store-keepers.  I bought skis and would travel fast past crocodile slides, sometimes with one of my kids on my back or on the front of the skis.  I would go on trips into villages for weekends and/or weeks with my family, sleeping on manure and mud-packed floors lined with banana leaves, walking in the deep forest or alongside the ocean on beautiful beaches.  
I loved preaching the Gospel and seeing people come to know Jesus and see people healed.  I loved sharing so much joy with fellow-missionaries building churches, teaching in Bible Schools, flying over the jungle and getting together for special holiday occasions.
I am so grateful for godly African men and women who mentored us, helped us and encouraged us.  I revel in the open doors God gave us to go from Liberia, Argentina, Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon, not limiting us to one location, but giving us opportunities to share out of our giftings.
I am loving my life as a missionary, having retired from active ministry in a vibrant church in New York, to serving God here at JAARS, seeing that people who don’t have a Bible are reached with translators and workers who back those are actively involved in translation.  
So now, at my age (77) I am so glad for having had the amazing experience of serving the Lord in missions at so many ages.
And, I am so grateful for those who have prayed and given (and continue to do so) so we can keep on.
“We then as workers together with Him …”  What a joy to serve Him together.

If Richard has so loved his life as a missionary, could you also love serving Him to the nations? Mike

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Sharon Niskanen - September 21st, 2022 at 9:52pm

Brother Mike, Thank you so much for your wonderful challenging, thoughtful blogs! And thank you for this interview with Pastor Rich! I continue to hope to be just like him when I grow up!





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