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Ministering to the Lord Pt. 6

Today I want to talk about another overlooked way that we can minister to the Lord.  This one might even be one of those hard, therefore unpopular, things.  It’s called adoration.
Have you ever considered just sitting silently and focusing your whole being on Him?  Think quietly about Him.  Consider His Word to us.  Consider His goodness to us.  Consider His greatness.  Consider His mighty works not only to us, but to the world, to the church and throughout history.  Consider His creation.  Consider his greatness even apart from anything He’s done.
Consider His greatness, giving Him the adoration due Him because of it all.  How long can you sit and do that?  Probably not long at first.  It will probably take some time, some discipline, some practice, some practice at discipline before we can do that very long.
It’s counter to our culture to just sit in such a way.  We think that we have to be doing something productive all the time. I wonder, though, whether we have a twisted idea of what’s productive, if we’re unable or unwilling to sit silently and give the Sovereign of the universe the adoration that’s due to Him.  It will take time to get to that place, but I believe that it begins with at least an assent to the fact that it is correct and it is due Him.  Act on that assent.
Not only is it due Him, but it might actually be productive in enhancing our relationship with Him.  Not might, but WILL be productive.  Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you.  Take the time to minister to Him in adoration.  It will be time well spent.  Further, when you add that to the other things we’ve talked about (worship, praise, thanksgiving, singing and fasting) you will be ministering to Him in ways that will make a marked difference in your relationship to Him.  If it only changed your attitude, that would be great, but it will do more.  It will draw you closer to Him.  Will you be able to hear His still, small voice from that place?  Will you be able to hear His heart beat with the burdens that are upon it?  Would it be worth the try?  I think so.
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Dave Hanson - April 18th, 2022 at 6:37pm

Excellent. Remember reading an article on worship years ago in one of our Fellowship magazines…. Spoke of “wasting our fume on God”. That’s stuck with me all these years. Blessings

Michael Bond - April 18th, 2022 at 11:05pm

Dave, That's great. I believe that we need to come back to that. I've been convicting myself with this. I believe that it will make a difference.





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