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The Price

The Price
By the time that you read this, we will have celebrated Good Friday and Easter.  Some people make a lot of noise about the origins of Easter, but let’s face it, Easter and Good Friday commemorate the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  It’s hard to discount that.  I like to call it Resurrection Day.  Whatever you call them, though, the death, burial and resurrection of Christ are central to our faith.
He died for our sins.  We are thankful to Him and indebted to Him for that and for the salvation that it bought us.  We also must be thankful for the resurrection because of what it means.  Just because He died, we are saved. However, it’s impossible to say what our lives and future would have been like if He had not also been resurrected.  Consider this, He makes constant supplication to the Father on our behalf.  His resurrection precedes ours.  He will again return for us, with many of us on that great day.  Because He lives, we live.  Would any of this have been assured without His bodily resurrection as well?  Death with no resurrection would have kept us from hell, perhaps assuring a kind of pyrrhic victory, but probably not the life and glory that we share with Him now. However, He did rise again. And, in doing so He gave us not only salvation, but also a victory that mirrors His.
That leads us to another question, though. . . how many of us does He want?  Well, the Scriptures teach that this salvation is open to all who call upon Him.  So, He wants many, might we say, all of us!  That’s many more than we see saved today!  Guess what, though.  He’s left us with the task of calling them in.  That’s what the Great Commission is all about.  We’re to make sure that everyone who is eligible for that gift that He purchased by dying, rising, and all He’s done since actually hear about what He’s done for them.  That’s the only way that they’ll know.  After all, how will they hear without a preacher.
So, in the warm glow of the season when we celebrate His death, burial and resurrection; let’s make sure that He’ll get a full return on His costly investment for us.  Let’s make sure that everyone on our watch actually hears what He’s done for them.  We thus enter into His labors for the world.  Let’s do it!  After all, the price was already paid.  Let’s see that none of it is wasted.

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